Sustainable summit

Carbon emissions from air travel compensated

The IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 receives a certificate for the compensations of carbon emissions from the air travel.






Building biogas 1 (002)

Dare to Dairy compensates carbon emissions from all air travel to and from the IDF World Dairy Summit 2016 in Rotterdam. This comes without any additional administrative actions or costs for travellers.

Biodigesters in India help compensate carbon emissions

Gathering over 1,200 persons from all over the world generates a considerable ecological footprint, this mostly relates to the air travel from participants.

To compensate for these unavoidable travel related emissions the organization has chosen to work together with FairClimateFund to support a community owned biogas project in India that produces certified carbon credits and improves lives of 18,000 small scale farmers.

The project is certified with CDM and Gold Standard, the highest international standards for carbon offsets that assure that the reductions are real, verifiable, and additional. BCS cow and cowdung (002)

This project in particular replaces cooking with kerosene and wood by cooking with biogas. Organic waste (cow dung in particular) is fermented in an underground unit, producing enough biogas to cook daily. This eliminates harmful smoke indoors, cow dung and organic waste are cleared from the streets, and money spent on kerosene is saved. Also the residual slurry serves as a powerful fertiliser for the land. Because of time savings these farmers have more time to take care of their livestock, now their cows not only produce more milk but also their dung produces biogas for cooking.

The additional milk that is produced is sold to local dairy cooperatives and on average the farmers  earn an additional income of roughly €13 per month. cow and cowdung (1) (002)

FairClimateFund is a social venture based in the Netherlands that provides upfront finance to enable the implementation of climate projects in developing countries.

The farmers repay the investment with certified emissions reductions that FairClimateFund then sells to the market. After FairClimateFund is paid off, farmers earn additional income from the sales of carbon credits.

For more information about FairClimateFund or the project read the full project description, personal stories and updates at


Sustainability in the de Doelen (congress venue)

Green Key is an international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreation and measurement branche and in the business market (of commercial market). Companies with a Green Key mark will do anything to sustain the environment, without compromising the comfort and quality for their customers. They will go even further than the normal rules and regulations require.

As a result a Green Key accommodation will always save energy and water. Think about using solar panels, Compact Fluorescent light bulbs, light sensors and timers on airconditioning and heating. Washing will be done no more than needed and for instance, they also use environmental friendly detergents. And all this, not only to improve your comfort, but also to improve the quality of nature and the environment.

The certified companies meet the standards set by the KMVK foundation (Foundation for Environment, Safety and Quality).

Arjan van Dijk Catering

With Arjan van Dijk, we’ll have our feet on the ground when it comes to the use of raw materials and ingredients. Sustainability is a spearhead. Arjan van Dijk and his partners invest intensively to continuously making the production process and assortment more durable. We value the world around us. Therefore, during our events we continuously focus on saving energy (alternative cooking methods, CFL’s, green aggregates), we minimize the use of water and we increase the logistic efficiency (one joint kitchen, one truck with food, beverages, contents and kitchen infrastructure per event).

Sustainability in the Cruise Terminal (Welcome Reception)

With regard to sustainability the caterer, MaGuise Party Catering BV, finds this a priority. MaGuise Party Catering BV invests, together with its suppliers, intensive continuous sustainability of the production and the product range. They find the world around them very important. That’s why they work with less energy consumption (by using other cooking techniques, energy saving, green aggregates), minimizing the use of water and logistical efficiency (one shared kitchen, one truck per event with food, drinks, decor and kitchen infrastructure) at all events. In addition, all disposables are biodegradable and spans MaGuise Party Catering BV in order to reduce food waste.

Sustainability in the Van Nelle Fabriek (Gala Dinner)

The green factory

The factory’s ecological footprint is kept as small as possible. All the sanitary facilities are flushed with ‘grey’ water, and the entire factory runs on electricity from renewable sources. There is LED lighting in all the event rooms and separate waste collection. We also encourage travel by public transport and only use environmentally friendly cleaning products. In fact, it would not be overstating the matter to say that the renovation of this gorgeous former factory is essentially the ultimate form of recycling. The sustainability policies were rewarded with the A-label for sustainable monument management, presented by the Ministry of Public Works and Water Management, as well as the Golden Green Key, awarded for attaining the very highest standard of environmental care in the recreation and leisure sector.

Renewable electricity

The congress is using renewable electricity. The exact amount of certificates (“Garanties van Oorsprong”) will be cancelled in line with the used electricity in the period of the congress.
Energie Makelaar will take care of the purchase and the cancellation of these certificates.