Connecting citizens with the Dairy story in Rotterdam

This year the city of Rotterdam plays host to the World Dairy Summit. It makes us wonder: what is the connection between Rotterdam, its citizens and Dutch dairy?

In a 100 year period, the Netherlands has built up a strong export position in dairy. This has been created by joining the expertise and entrepreneurship of its own farmers, Dutch business acumen together with the know-how of the University of Wageningen and other knowledge institutes. Dutch dairy products are sold and appreciated all over the world.

Rotterdam’s position in the chain

Rotterdam is a key place in the dairy chain: did you know that annually about 100,000 containers filled with dairy products are shipped from the seaport in Rotterdam? Not forgetting the dairy farms around Rotterdam as well as the dairy plants in Rotterdam and Maasdam, a city close to Rotterdam.

Let’s talk about dairy

Given the relevancy of the dairy sector for Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the Dutch economy, it makes sense to connect citizens with this ‘dairy story in Rotterdam’. So we started a dialogue with citizens about nutrition, a healthy life-style, sustainability and the dairy sector. Leading up to the World Dairy Summit, FrieslandCampina, for instance, organized a program for 140 school children which let them explore the dairy sector and be inspired by nutrition, a healthy life-style and the connection between the city and the countryside. Together with a farm visit, a visit to the ‘Markthal’ in Rotterdam and a planned presentation for the alderman Mr. Adriaan Visser, it has already been a great success!

A healthy and sustainable diet

Sustainability is one of the most important themes during the World Dairy Summit, so the FrieslandCampina Institute started a dialogue with more than 100 dieticians about the role of dairy in a healthy and sustainable diet. The most important insights during the conference on October 11th in the ‘Markthal’ in Rotterdam: “Dietitians are the bridge to the consumer in giving dietary advice. It is important that they know more about the science behind sustainable diets in order to strengthen their extensive knowledge on healthy nutrition by using these insights on sustainability. This will enable them to give the consumer advice on the diet of the future, a sustainable diet.”

It is essential to facilitate conferences for health care professionals on topics related to dairy, nutrition and health to engage and start a dialogue on sector relevant topics. Dare to put the concept of sustainable diets on the agenda of dieticians, by explaining the current scientific knowledge and the efforts of the dairy industry on sustainability.


Vera HoondertVera Hoondert2
Food specialist at FrieslandCampina

Vera works for the FrieslandCampina Institute , which  informs, inspires and engages healthcare professionals, nutritionists, and scientists worldwide, by actively sharing our expertise.