Dare to Dairy Stories

Sugar-Reduced Dairy’s Health Paradox

Increasingly we hear from our customers that sugar is seen as ‘the new fat’, and the real culprit for expanding waistlines around the world, and it seems that consumers agree. In a recent DSM consumer survey, more than 60% of respondents reported that they are concerned about the amount of sugar in their dairy products. […]

Improved animal welfare with a milking robot

A few months ago I started at Lely after working for the Dutch sustainable dairy chain for five years. As a result, I received some questions about the combination of animal welfare and milking robots. People were wondering about the increased distance between a farmer and his herd. Could a cow be looked after properly […]

The wonderful world of genetics

Or should I say: the complicated world of farming? Even in the most hostile environments there can be excellent farms and even when the conditions are absolutely perfect, there can be terrible farms. The challenges faced by farmers, for example in Eastern Africa or Eastern Europe, can be totally different. This being said, many of […]

The underestimated role of women in agriculture

When you ask kids to draw a picture of a farmer, some will draw a farmer with a pitchfork, others a farmer on a tractor, but one thing these drawings will all have in common is that the farmer is always depicted as male. Furthermore, if we were to give adults the same task, the […]

East Africa: Dealing with disparity between demand for dairy and its supply

East Africa is the leading milk producing region in Africa with the highest concentration of predominantly indigenous breeds, producing 68% of the continent’s milk output. Growth in milk and dairy consumption in Eastern Africa is higher compared to other African regions. However, it varies considerably: Kenya is a frontrunner (93 litres per capita annually), followed […]

Joint forces for healthy habits

As we get older, we may become wiser but our bodies go through the ageing process too. To some extent, a lot of people over the age of 65 experience a decline in muscle mass and loss of strength. Working together with Wageningen University & Research, FrieslandCampina is contributing to the scientific research project ProMuscle […]

The evolving market for lactose-free

Dairy plays a vital role in a healthy, balanced diet. Providing protein, vitamins and calcium, its benefits to children and adults are widely acknowledged, but the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance, bloating for example, can mean people actively avoid dairy and miss out on the benefits of dairy in their diets. It is estimated that […]

The global dairy industry should scale up manure solutions

Reducing GHG emissions is everyone’s business. But, is no silver bullet. We will only achieve success with a thousand cuts. And, more often than not, there will be tradeoffs. So, rather than maximizing any single solution, we need to find several optimal ones and implement them simultaneously. They could include feed production, digestion, energy intensive […]