Dutch Dairy Sector

The Netherlands is dairy country. The Dutch love their milk, cheese and yogurt, the cattle grazing in the fields. The Dutch dairy sector is an important part of the Dutch economy and its international trade. Dairy farming and the dairy industry mean tens of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue. Even in times of economic crisis, the sector grows and companies invest. Across the sector, barn builders, animal feed companies, breeding farms, wholesalers, business services and many other companies are thriving. And together, they make up a strong dairy cluster in the Netherlands.

The Dutch dairy sector is in an excellent position to seize international opportunities and to face the challenges that come with the more open market. Its climate, soil and logistics give the Netherlands, as a production center, a natural competitive edge. Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of this competitiveness. In the growing global market, Dutch dairy is renowned for quality products and innovations.

Companies are investing heavily in R&D, and several of the world’s most leading dairy research institutes can be found in the Netherlands. With the close cooperation between companies and these research institutes, and with dairy companies putting their knowledge and technologies on the market, agro & food in the Netherlands is deservedly one of the country’s “top sectors”.

More info: www.nzo.nl/en

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